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eCommunicate is a dynamic company dedicated to mobile communication and the innovative applications and solutions that are now possible. eCommunicate was established in 2004 and sends millions of programmable, automated and integrated SMS's for clients. We can send to 230 countries which includes 1100 mobile network providers. In South Africa we are a WASP (Wireless Access Service Provider). a first tier SMS provider with direct connections to all the four mobile network providers.

eCommunicate offers innovative and industry-leading mobile solutions using the standard services offered by WASPs as well as individualized services that are tailored to the industry of interest. Over many years, eCommunicate has gathered extensive experience in mobile communications including large scale interactive mobile campaigns and mobile apps. Furthermore we have become a software development house focusing on development using Agile methodologies.

eCommunicate is full digital agency integrating mobile apps with SMS solutions, email campaigns, social media, web solutions, point of sale and turnkey development. Most importantly eCommunicate is dedicated to developing quality products and providing excellent customer service.

What we do...

eCommunicate specializes in large-scale mobile services and products offering the standard services offered by WASPs (Wireless Access Service Provider) and many more services that have been tailored for different industries. eCommunicate offers a state-of-the-art transactional and interactive messaging portal that can be managed via a web interface.

We offer an easy-to-use customizable interface that is integrated by many large corporate companies into their backend system and offers transparent high-speed SMS, USSD, WAP and MMS solutions.

We improve and save costs in your communication with your clients, using automated and integrated and reliable mobile-messaging solutions, with technologies such as: SMS, MMS, USSD, WAP, WIG, GPRS and 3G.

We enhance communication and offer mobile solutions in many business areas such as the financial sector, including banking and insurance, the transportation sector, for example, courier companies, the human resources sector for example personnel agencies, the accommodation and leisure sector including hotels and holiday resorts and the marketing and entertainment sector, with mobile marketing campaigns and many other areas.

How Can We Help You...

Improve and at the same time save costs in your communication with your clients, using integrated and reliable mobile-messaging solutions, with technologies such as: SMS, MMS, USSD, WAP, WIG, GPRS and 3G.

We offer mobile solutions that can be created, managed and sent via standard Internet technologies such as EMAIL, FTP, SOAP, HTTP and HTTPS, which can then be converted and sent to mobile phones. When sent from mobile phones, the mobile content can be converted into Internet technologies of EMAIL, FTP, SOAP, HTTP and HTTPS.

We can also offer an Outlook plug in that can be used across the entire corporate structure for setting of meetings and informing clients of the latest information.

Why Work With Us

Because we are the best at what we do!

Run your own mobile wallets for mobile banking.

Offer extra security for financial services via Network Initiated USSD

Focus on creating and running your own mobile applications and become a virtual WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider) without being forced to hire the technical skills to manage the WASP infrastructure.

Generate revenue using a premium-rate short code (that can be shared, or your very own).

Set up and run your own competitions with our easy-to-use Campaign Creator Service, which also provides mobile reports of your campaigns using USSD, SMS and MMS.

Offer content via our Content Delivery service and iBeacon platform.

Monitor your networks or systems.

Use SMS, MMS, USSD, WAP and dotMobi sites for interactive menu driven applications and create databases of potential clients.

Allow all cell phones users with Internet access to view your website and use USSD for cell phones that don’t have Internet access.

Smart phone users may download an application that gives them a greater user experience and still communicate with your company.

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Bulk SMS Pricing

Pricing structure for our services that cannot be beaten...

Please note: Prices exclude VAT

All invoices must be generated from help desk support. We do not charge a setup or a subscription fee; the credits purchased do not expire. Prepaid SMS credits can be purchased online via Credit card, PayPal or Instant Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

# Package from: Cost Per SMS
1 1 - 500 R0.30
2 501 - 1000 R0.27
3 1001 - 5000 R0.25
4 5001 - 10 000 R0.23
5 10 001 - 50 000 R0.20
6 50 001 - 250 000 R0.19
7 250 001 - 500 000 R0.18
8 500 001+ Contact us

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