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  What we do
  eCommunicate specializes in large-scale mobile services and products offering the standard services offered by WASPs (Wireless Access Service Provider) and many more services that have been tailored for different industries. eCommunicate offers a state-of-the-art transactional and interactive messaging portal that can be managed via a web interface.

We offer an easy-to-use customizable interface that is integrated by many large corporate companies into their backend system and offers transparent high-speed SMS, USSD, WAP and MMS solutions.

We improve and save costs in your communication with your clients, using automated and integrated and reliable mobile-messaging solutions, with technologies such as: SMS, MMS, USSD, WAP, WIG, GPRS and 3G.

We enhance communication and offer mobile solutions in many business areas such as the financial sector, including banking and insurance, the transportation sector, for example, courier companies, the human resources sector for example personnel agencies, the accommodation and leisure sector including hotels and holiday resorts and the marketing and entertainment sector, with mobile marketing campaigns and many other areas.

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